Journal’s Policy

   "The Pacific Medical Journal," designed to gather working in the medicine and biology field, on wide spectrum issues of researching, teaching methods and practices of health care experts of the Russian Far East and the Asia-Pacific region. Unlike other periodicals scientific publications published by academic institutions and medical organizations of Siberia and the Russian Far East, "The Pacific Medical Journal," focuses primarily on current regional problems, which are investigated in a broad range from innovative pilot researches to the widespread introduction of scientific developments on practice.

   The Journal offers its pages for working in different medicine and biology fields’ experts to publicate the results of their researches, which subject does not fit to the scientific publications of other Russia regions, but has great significance for the Russian Far East and the Asia-Pacific region. A wide range of covered in the publication issues structured by thematic journals, which devoted to the specific problems of medicine and biology. The journal became the informational source for taking place on the Russian Far East large-scale scientific and practical conferences and forums. Considerable attention is paid to the problems associated with common ethnic and ecological conditions of the development pathology for the Russian Far East and the Asia-Pacific region people.

   The guarantee of high quality scientific articles in the "Pacific Medical Journal," is the system of multi-stage review and assessment of articles and the editorial board, which includes experts from universities and research institutions of Russia, China, Korea and Japan.


Founded in 1997  |  Editions in a year: 4, Articles in one issue: 30 |  ISSN of print version: 1609-1175  |  Ind.: 18410 (Agency "Rospechat’")  |  Edition: 1000 c.