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The paper gives reliable information on both omega‑3
fatty acid preparations available on Russian market and present
situation with their use in medical practice. Information on lipid
composition of 15 preparations is given as well as data on their
main fatty acid. Present situation with scientific investigations
and medical application of omega-3 fatty acid as it looked in top
level scientific journal of the World was analyzed using Web of
Science. It was found that interest to these fatty acid increases
and area of their application is enlarged. Up to now the leading
places in the application are occupied by cardiac and vascular
diseases. Among others areas neural, psychological diseases and
oncology have increased interest to the preparations.

Об авторах

В. Е. Васьковский
Институт биологии моря ДВО РАН; Тихоокеанский институт биоорганической химии ДВО РАН

Т. А. Горбач
Медицинское объединение ДВО РАН

А. В. Есипов
Тихоокеанский институт биоорганической химии ДВО РАН

В. И. Светашев
Институт биологии моря ДВО РАН

М. А. Яцкова
Медицинское объединение ДВО РАН

V. Vaskovsky
Institute of Marine Biology FEB RAS; Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry FEB RAS

T. Gorbach
Hospital of FEB RAS

A. Esipov
Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry FEB RAS

V. Svetashev
Institute of Marine Biology FEB RAS

M. Yatskova
Hospital of FEB RAS

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Васьковский В.Е., Горбач Т.А., Есипов А.В., Светашев В.И., Яцкова М.А., ., ., ., ., . ПРЕПАРАТЫ ОМЕГА-3 ЖИРНЫХ КИСЛОТ И ИХ ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ В МЕДИЦИНЕ. Тихоокеанский медицинский журнал. 2010;(2):15-19.

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., ., ., ., ., Vaskovsky V.E., Gorbach T.A., Esipov A.V., Svetashev V.I., Yatskova M.A. PREPARATIONS OF OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS AND THEIR MEDICAL APPLICATION. Pacific Medical Journal. 2010;(2):15-19. (In Russ.)

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