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The paper studies acid hydrolysis of high-etherified
and low-etherified pectins in 0.5МHCl at 90°С. The acid hydrolysis
of high-etherified pectin is characterized by decreasing
extent of etherification and production of low-etherified pectin.
In case of low-etherified pectin hydrolysis, the rate rapidly
decreases during the first 1.5 hours, and then remains almost
unchanged. The first stage includes production of elements enriched
in neutral saccharides; the second stage - that in polygalacturonic
acid. The molecular mass is likely to cause phase
conversion of hydrolysis products from gel into solution is about
10 kDa. There is dependence between fraction composition and
duration of the hydrolysis.

Об авторах

В. В. Ковалев
Институт биологии моря им. А.В. Жирмунского ДВО РАН

Е. А. Коленченко
Институт биологии моря им. А.В. Жирмунского ДВО РАН

К. Е. Макарова
Владивостокский государственный медицинский университет

V. Kovalev
Institute of Marine Biology named after A.V. Zhirmundsky, FEB RAS

E. Kolenchenko
Institute of Marine Biology named after A.V. Zhirmundsky, FEB RAS

K. Makarova
Vladivostok State Medical University

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Ковалев В.В., Коленченко Е.А., Макарова К.Е., ., ., . ИССЛЕДОВАНИЕ КИСЛОТНОГО ГИДРОЛИЗА ВЫСОКОЭТЕРИФИЦИРОВАННОГО И НИЗКОЭТЕРИФИЦИРОВАННОГО ПЕКТИНОВ. Тихоокеанский медицинский журнал. 2010;(2):62-66.

For citation:

., ., ., Kovalev V.V., Kolenchenko E.A., Makarova K.E. STUDYING ACID HYDROLYSIS OF HIGH-ETHERIFIED AND LOW-ETHERIFIED PECTINS. Pacific Medical Journal. 2010;(2):62-66. (In Russ.)

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