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The authors present a paper devoted to the 40th anniversary of pediatric faculty of Vladivostok State Medical University. It comprises the facts concerning history of faculty organisation and evolution, gives a review of contemporary research, training and practical activities performed by the staff members of departments affiliated to the faculty. The authors place special emphasis on the role of university in establishing and improving the medical and disease-prevention service to children living in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia. The studies substantiate the necessity of proceeding from traditional methods of pregraduation and graduate education to innovation approach to organisation of academic activities. The existing faculty's educational research school evaluates its future trends and provides a basis for increasing the faculty's role in educational, training and research activities of the university.

Об авторах

В. Б. Шуматов


Е. В. Крукович


Т. Я. Янсонс


А. Я. Осин


V. Shumatov
Vladivostok State Medical University

E. Krukovich
Vladivostok State Medical University

T. Yansons
Vladivostok State Medical University

A. Osin
Vladivostok State Medical University

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Для цитирования:

Шуматов В.Б., Крукович Е.В., Янсонс Т.Я., Осин А.Я., ., ., ., . НАУЧНО-ПЕДАГОГИЧЕСКАЯ ШКОЛА ПО ПОДГОТОВКЕ ВРАЧЕЙ-ПЕДИАТРОВ ПРИМОРСКОГО КРАЯ. Тихоокеанский медицинский журнал. 2009;(4):5-8.

For citation:

., ., ., ., Shumatov V.B., Krukovich E.V., Yansons T.Y., Osin A.Y. PRIMORSKY KRAI PEDIATRICIAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH SCHOOL. Pacific Medical Journal. 2009;(4):5-8. (In Russ.)

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