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Experiments with 100 males Wistar-Kyoto aged 4 days to 24 months (11 age groups) allowed studying nucleus tractus solitarius of medulla oblongata. Over the whole period of postnatal ontogenesis some intense quantitative and qualitative transmutations of nitroxide-positive neurons were registered. The enzyme activity being low during the first days of life has reached its maximum values by 1-3 months, following which it was decreasing step by step. Before reaching the 3-month age, there was an increase in sizes and numbers of nitroxidergic neurons with a reduction of their relative density values. It is the authors' opinion that the changes described in this paper may have an influence upon efficiency of central regulation of vascular tone and may become one of the mechanisms for senile arterial hypertension

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А. Е. Коцюба
Владивостокский государственный медицинский университет

В. В. Кокошина
Владивостокский государственный медицинский университет

В. М. Черток
Владивостокский государственный медицинский университет

A. Kotsyuba
Vladivostok State Medical University

V. Kokoshina
Vladivostok State Medical University

V. Chertok
Vladivostok State Medical University

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Коцюба А.Е., Кокошина В.В., Черток В.М., ., ., . ВОЗРАСТНЫЕ ПРЕОБРАЗОВАНИЯ НИТРОКСИДЕРГИЧЕСКИХ НЕЙРОНОВ В ЯДРЕ СОЛИТАРНОГО ТРАКТА У КРЫС. Тихоокеанский медицинский журнал. 2009;(4):50-54.

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., ., ., Kotsyuba A.E., Kokoshina V.V., Chertok V.M. AGE- DEPENDENT TRANSMUTATIONS OF NITROXIDERGIC NEURONS IN RAT'S NUCLEUS TRACTUS SOLITARIUS. Pacific Medical Journal. 2009;(4):50-54. (In Russ.)

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