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The paper provides data obtained from the obstetric department of the Primorsky Krai Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 that specialises in the endocrine pathology. As reported, over the past 10 years there has been a six-fold increase in the number of deliveries in pregnant women with diabetes mellitus: from 0.9 % in 2003 up to 5.3 % in 2012. The paper reviews 70 labour and delivery medical records of women with diabetes mellitus. The gestational diabetes mellitus was diagnosed in most of pregnant women (60 %), the diabetes type 1 was diagnosed in 30 % of cases, and the diabetes type 2 - in 10 % of cases. The preterm deliveries were recorded in 21 % of cases. 69 % of cases required operative delivery. All babies were born alive. One in three baby was born with signs of diabetic fetopathy (macrosomia).

Об авторах

Л. А. Минаева
Приморская краевая клиническая больница № 1

Г. Ф. Погорелова
Приморская краевая клиническая больница № 1

Л. А. Гайдай
Приморская краевая клиническая больница № 1

А. В. Ширковец
Тихоокеанский государственный медицинский университет

Т. Л. Погорелова
Приморская краевая клиническая больница № 1

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Минаева Л.А., Погорелова Г.Ф., Гайдай Л.А., Ширковец А.В., Погорелова Т.Л. СОВРЕМЕННЫЙ ПОДХОД К ВЕДЕНИЮ БЕРЕМЕННЫХ С САХАРНЫМ ДИАБЕТОМ. Тихоокеанский медицинский журнал. 2013;(3):104-104.

For citation:

Minaeva L.A., Pogorelova G.F., Gaiday L.A., Shirkovets A.V., Pogorelova T.L. MODERN APPROACH TO MANAGING PREGNANT WOMEN WITH DIABETES MELLITUS. Pacific Medical Journal. 2013;(3):104-104. (In Russ.)

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